We value your ideas, there´s nothing we wouldn´t do to bring them to life!

Descubre Cibao

Descubre Cibao is a project developed with the Dominican Republic ministry of tourism and other foreign collaborations to promote sustainable tourism in the northern region of the country. We built the first version of the website.

Web DevelopmentUI/UX


Sicit is a labor inspection cases management platform that we developed for the Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic.


Arlette Pichardo Muñiz

Arlette is a researcher and university professor in differenete insitutions throughout Latin America. Her publications are referenced worldwide, and are considered the fundamentals for many of the newer published paper in her field of expertise. As codemera, we designed and developed her brand website.

Web DevelopmentUI/UX


ProKPI is an experiencies marketing company located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, fo which we developed a promotional onpage for them to present their new brand and services.

Web DevelopmentSEO

Taveras Partner International

It is an international law firm with over 5 years of experience in the field, qualified to work with the french legal system and that of the latin american region. As codemera, we designed and developed their corporative website.

Web DevelopmentUI/UX
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Codemera created the app that we needed; very simple and it just works. The communication with their team has been excellent.

El Brifin team

Codemera was of great help to us. They took on our project as if it was their own, and what they created is just what we neededed. Not to mention the spark they all have. Excellent team!

María Casado

We have been working with Codemera for a number of years. At each step of the way, they have been a great ally to us in moving our business forward. We deeply value our relationship with the Codemera team.

Michael Magnuson

This would not have been possible without the help of our colleagues at Codemera, who worked alongside our team to continue contributing to the development of the next generation of Latin American professionals.

Luis David Sena

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